WOW!!! Michele is a breath of fresh air! We had the honor of having Michele come in for a series of “boardroom” style meetings with our members and I was blown away with her creativitiy and understanding in her approach to business and ministry! She unlocked doors in my heart and mind to see things from a perspective I had not thought of before. Her approach to coaching allows you to remain focused on the desires and visions of your heart and business while opening you up to “new” and creative perspectives of achieving them! She has a incredible gift to release practical “keys” of unlocking doors of hope and passion!



Michele is beyond amazing at this. She has taken my ideas, scratched onto various pieces of paper, and created a truly magnificent visual strategy. It was like she understood me and my vision even better than I did!! Thank you, Michele, for making my dream of many years come true….AND SO QUICKLY!! You are one outstanding woman.



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